June 22 - August 4, 2012

Winooski Pop-Up Galleries


August 17 - September 18, 2012

Furchgott-Sourdiffe Gallery

“Open House” is an art exhibition that explores “home” as a concept detached from the familiar architecture of the house. Artists Angelo Arnold, Kate Brandt, and Mary Zompetti each approach the meaning of “home” from richly varied perspectives. Arnold’s “familiarture” upholstered sculptures, Brandt’s insightful, darkly humorous video works, and Zompetti’s ephemeral, meditative photographic works re-interpret the space and essence of “house” and “home”, grounding the viewer in a contemplative space. Here, viewers are invited to see “home” as a concept open to interpretation, and a space open to exploration.

Abbey Meaker and Amanda Zackem create works that remain mysterious, even as they confront the viewer with a striking immediacy. Both artists’ works suggest narratives, yet refuse a single storyline. Instead, they drift on a dark current; like chapters unbound from the novel’s arc, these images hover, loosed from the imperative to resolve in a denoument. They retain the intensity of a plotline without succumbing to its linear progression, unfurling in a liminal space between storytelling and secret-keeping.

June 20 - August 31, 2014
Helen Day Art Center

This exhibition explores the subtle, double, and hidden meanings the apparent clarity of black and white might obscure. The show includes, among its ten contributors, an artist who makes paintings from redacted government documents, a sculptor who forges metal into unreadable script, and a painter who rendered a portrait in the form of a novel. With its visual and conceptual twists and turns, the exhibition invites viewers to encounter these works in all their lucid complexity.

Featuring Louis Cameron, Sharan Elran, Marietta Hoferer, Jenny Holzer, Sarah Horne, Chelsea Martin, Lynn Newcomb, Suzy Spence, Andreas Rentsch and Nan Tull.